An Office Job Made My Hip and Back Hurt

I used to work in a factory where I was on my feet for hours at a time. When I was promoted to our corporate office, I thought that having an office job was going to be a nice change of pace. What I was not expecting was that I was not used to sitting for nearly eight hours a day. I did move around some, but I was sitting in a chair for the most part. I started hurting not too long after accepting the position, and I decided to see a Salinas chiropractor after talking to my primary care physician about it.

He told me that it could be something as simple as the pain that was mostly in my right hip might actually be because of my back. He did not even take any X-rays because with everything that I had told him, he said it sounded like I just needed to have my spine manipulated a bit. That is why he referred me to the chiropractor, because that is their specialty. I was happy that I did not have to wait until a day off to get in. I don’t go in until ten in the morning twice a week, so I was able to get an early morning appointment that same week.

When I explained what was going on, the chiropractor felt my back and also had me demonstrate how I sit. I was sitting the right way, and it ended up being just the change of pace, going from being so active to sitting still for so long during the day. He did do an adjustment that day, but he also gave me a list of stretching exercises that would help me with the pain. After a few more adjustments and doing the exercises faithfully, I no longer had any pain.