Is a Painful Period A Serious Matter for a Woman?

In most of the discussions of women, mostly the teenagers, one topic is common, that is the painful menstruation. Heavy bleeding and excessive pain in the lower abdomen are quite common problems in these days for women above the age of 30 years of age. Cramps generally lead to discomfort while doing work and even standing at times. The painful bleeding is commonly called as dysmenorrhea by the doctors. Nowadays, it is quite normal. If you are working somewhere, then I think the constant pain or cramps can cause lots of problems. It leads to continuous missing work or school.

Why do common menstrual cramps occur?

At the time of menstruation, the inner lining of the uterus is shedding and the mass of tissues pas through the small opening in the cervix and come out from the body. The uterus contracts to get rid of the endometrial lining, the blood vessels in the muscular wall of the uterus compress due to the contraction. This prevents the blood flow to the uterus and some parts of the uterus do not get oxygen. This leads to the pain or cramps during the bleeding. Generally, the cramps are normal but too much pain is a serious issue and you should immediate consult a doctor when you are suffering from the same.

What are the risk factors of pain during menstruation?

You may think why some of the women do suffer from abnormal pain during bleeding, while there are some those who feel just nothing. Studies show that women having higher levels of prostaglandins experience painful periods and cramping due to increased muscle contractions. Other causes of pain are having puberty before the age of 12, having irregular periods, having excessive bleeding, family history of painful menstruation and smoking.

What to do during menstrual pain?

There are various recommendations that you can follow when suffering from heavy periods along with pain. You can massage lower back and abdomen, eat light and avoid alcohol and smoking, practice relaxation and bath in warm water. You can also raise your legs or sleep for some time.

Painful bleeding happens due to tumors in the uterus as well. These fibroids are responsible for excessive bleeding with pain. To control the growth of the tumors in the inner lining of the uterus, women can choose UFE surgery. This involves reducing the size of the growths and making them inactive. The operation is very simple and the patient has to stay overnight at the hospital.