I Need More Help Now That I Am a Senior Citizen

Someone at work said it would be a good idea for me to book some time with a chiropractor in Philadelphia after they saw me shuffling down the hallway at a slow rate of speed. I had fallen down off of a chair at home and really hurt myself. I really thought things would get better as they usually do, but I guess my age has made it so that I am slower to heal. I have noticed that a lot lately, and I think that I might not have the ability to grow old as gracefully as I hoped that I would.

People say that you need to eat well and work out often in order to live longer and feel better longer. Well, I spent 65 years doing both of those things, and I have to say that I am not sure how much good either one of those things I did. I seem to feel as old as all my other family and friends who do little to care for themselves. My body was feeling tired. I hurt myself more often and I seemed to heal slowly. In fact, I broke my arm, which should have been something that healed within 3 months. However, I found myself needing 6 months to get past that situation.

When I hurt my back, I figured that would not need a lot of downtime without any outside help, but I was wrong. I could not take time off of work since I was so near to retirement, so I shuffled into the office each day and tried to get around as well as I could. Seeing a chiropractor stopped that! Two appointments later and I had no trouble standing and walking around as normal. The good thing is that I now know where I can go for help that works.