I Wish I Would Have Seen a Chiropractor in My Early 20s

My back trouble got worse over time. I attributed it to hard work and just getting older. I actually thought it was normal to have back pain every day. I got used to smiling through the pain as a young man. I was in my early 20s when my back spasms and chronic pain started. I come from one of those families where you just “walk it off and move on.” I did not see my Philadelphia chiropractor until my back pain got so bad even I could no longer take it.

No one ever really complains in my family. We just do what we are supposed to do. Sure, Mom made us chicken soup and rubbed our chests with that smelly salve as kids, but we also could not fake stuff to get out of things. We played sports in school, and the coaches would always tell us to “walk it off” when we got thumped hard. It is different nowadays. I might not agree with all of the babying, but I sure do wish someone told me to just go get my aching back treated.

I got an incredible amount of relief from my back pain on my very first visit to see that Philadelphia chiropractor. I walked into the office and asked if I could be seen right away. I told them that if I had to make an appointment, I was just going to deal with the pain at home. They saw me within minutes. That changed everything. I had the insurance, and I should have taken advantage of it. It took me some time, but my back feels better now than it did when I was in daily pain in my 20s. Not every day is perfect, but they sure are a whole lot better now that my back is receiving treatments. There is no need to put up with pain or walk anything off when help is available for an aching back.