Quit Smoking – Are You Bonding With Your Cigarettes?

Do you want to know how to cut back on smoking in just one day? All you have to do starting from now, is to take the time to truly bond with each and every cigarette you have.

Sounds weird? OK the reality is that most cigarettes you have during a busy day pass by largely unnoticed, your mind will be elsewhere, or the smoke just burns itself down in an ashtray.

Or perhaps you light up one after the other during an evening of drinking, losing count of how many you smoked Help Healthy.

My challenge to you, assuming that you want to quick is to take the time and notice every single smoke from now on.

As you draw heavily and your lungs expand, just imagine all of that smoke inside your lungs. Perhaps you may wonder how it gets from there into your blood stream.

As you let out a long slow stream of smoke, in the time honored way of smokers over the ages, you could consider that some of the smoke has made its way to your brain. Maybe you could breathe out some of the smoke through a tissue.

As you ponder the staining on the tissue, Chiropratic Healthcare you may wonder what else is stained. Lungs, heart, arteries, liver, throat & brain?

You may also begin to wonder, what on earth you are doing, what is so bad in your life that you would seek to manage it with these life sucking, lung destroying, throat burning, liver melting sticks of processed plant mater!

Plus their expensive, anti-social and short of some crazy daredevil activity about the most risky behaviour you can indulge in Spesific Data Marketing.

It’s not as if they may make you sick. It’s just how fast and how badly and how much you will suffer before your last gasp.

It’s no good me painting a picture of unicorns and fairies, it’s bad and you have to stop, unless of course you choose to continue, in which case complaining when the hammer falls will get little or no sympathy, least of all in the cancer ward.

Sure you will be well attended to, but with wards full of undeserving souls, there will be you, the one who created your own problem and now hoping that a team of people using valuable hospital resources will come to your rescue so that you can be wheeled home, minus some important body parts in the hope that someone there will be caring enough to support you Insurance Health.