Staying Stress Free is Important in My Line of Work

A woman at work told me how her Santa Rosa chiropractor was helping with her stress levels. I had been telling her that I was exhausted from the amount of work that my new position in the company brought about. I really wanted to figure out how to keep pushing and moving in the new position, and I was concerned that would not happen if I didn’t figure out a way to manage my very high stress levels. She said that she really thinks that I would be better off going to see him as soon as possible. She felt there is no sense in suffering and finding that you ruin your job or lose a client after it’s too late.

I had been wanting the position that I had ever since I came to the company that I worked for. I wanted to be the international purchasing manager. I had been a manager for years, and I started out in a purchasing department at a young age. But I never had the added stress of needing to continuously fly overseas to visit different wholesale manufacturers. I may need to be in Germany one week to meet with a lot of companies. I typically fly immediatey to some other completely different country right after that. This happens at least a few times per month. It really puts so much wear on me physically and mentally.

The chiropractor did wonders for me. He helped me to release tension using some very powerful techniques that I wasn’t familiar with, but they worked beautifully. I told him that I was really sorry that I wouldn’t be able to visit him for help while out of th ecountry, so he gave me exercises that will help me to release tension and care for my mind and body while I’m on the road.