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If You Talk In Your Sleep

If You Talk In Your Sleep

 · Elvis Presley - If You Talk In Your SleepRecorded: /12/11, first released on single(Words & Music: Red West/ Johnny Christopher)Lyrics:I know you're a lo.

Sleep talking, or somniloquy, is the act of speaking during sleep. It's a type of parasomnia -- an abnormal behavior that takes place during sleep. It's a very common occurrence and is not usually Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins.

 · Technically called “somniloquy,” talking while you get your zzz's can occur during any stage of sleep, but it is most likely to be comprehensible to a bed partner during REM sleep. Talking during deeper sleep (NREM sleep, stages three and four) just sounds like gibberish. Talking during any sleep stage can involve mumbles, moans, calling out, or whispering, but it is not considered a product of consciousness. The words don’t have real meaning to the .

 · The National Sleep Foundation describes the sleep disorder as "talking during sleep without being aware of it." It can involve complete gibberish and Author: Haley Goldberg.

If you talk in your sleep don't mention my name. And if you walk in your sleep forget where you came. [Verse 2] Walking every night here in the shadows. So afraid that sometime he may follow.

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  1.  · Talking in your sleep (or somniloquy, as it’s known in the medical world), is a common type of parasomnia, or abnormal behavior during sleep. An estimated two in three people talk in their sleep.

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