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Spiritual Chaos

Spiritual Chaos

 · Check it out. The introduction to a issue of Fringeware Review devoted to “Chaos Spirituality,” co-edited by Erik Davis and Spiros Antonopoulos. Chaos stirs. Its fragment signs, millinery filigrees, and guttural moans are everywhere — in the collapsing nation-state, in the ferocious world market, in the damaged matrix of the biosphere, in your communications devices, and even in the Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins.

 · Spiritual Chaos by Lumnos, released 20 September 1. Spiritual Elevation 2. Eternal Void 3. Infinite Dimensions 4. Luminous Ode 5. Spiritual Chaos.

 · Chaos and Spiritual Life. J. Ap by Brother Thomas. One of the most important spiritual laws you should know is “As above, so below.”. This great metaphysical maxim reminds the Awakened of two things. First, nothing of importance happens in your embodiment that you have not brought about by either a cosmic contract, thinking, or an epiphany (during those times that Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins.

 · Spiritual chaos! My crazy journey in this thing we call life! Becoming the light in all this darkness! Not your everyday girl; not your everyday life!

Chaos is a state that emerges on the spiritual path to the extent that we aim to build the necessary conditions for spiritual progress—positive connection among us. The chaos unfolds inside the person, because the transition from one spiritual level to the next takes place like a computer overloading.

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  1. The spiritual message of chaos is so well-expressed by that ancient pagan sage, Ovid: that change is the only constant in our world, the one thing we can be certain of. I would like to end with two paired poems. The first is a poem, I composed from actual questions from physics tests. The second is my own answers to the questions. ExaminationEstimated Reading Time: 6 mins.

  2.  · The World in Spiritual Chaos Peace, peace is the cry of the world today as it faces turmoil of biblical proportion. What is really happening world widely that so many people are committing suicide in a hopeless state of mind?

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